Providing digital realities for artists, museums + festivals

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Lu Yang

Curation, programming and digital.

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Modern digital tickets for museums and festivals.

150 Lonsdale

Axionome: by Stanislava Pinchuk

Axionome: 150 Lonsdale is a graphic artwork which reflects the variations in historical and current temperature data in Australia. This is conveyed through a facade that morphs from day to night, playing upon current conversations around climate change and global warming.

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Patricia Piccinini

Audio/visual guide for major exhibition.



Digital platform for Melbourne festival.

Mountain FM

FAUX MO / Mona Foma

Live streaming, 3D animations, and hard vibes.

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Design and development, websites for record labels.

Open Source 👩🏻‍💻

We develop, maintain, and use much of the technology in our digital experiences.

Company Status: Open 4 Business

In Progress:

  • Phoenix Central Park: Balloting System
  • Powerhouse Sydney: Digital renewal
  • Rising: Program and ticketing digital platform
  • National Communications Museum: Touchscreen interfaces
  • Mona/Mona Foma/Darklab: Ticket resales

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