Providing digital realities for artists, museums, festivals & cultural organisations

Exhibitionist is a multidisciplinary collective of digital arts workers. We seek to create new models and formats for how the arts community can engage with the digital and explore ways to create alternate frameworks for the collaboration, creation and dissemination of artistic work.

(Em)powering Art Organisations & Festivals

Working across a range of virtual applications, from festival mapping to digital curation, Exhibitionist hopes to transform the passive spectator into an active one. We look for ways to design new models and formats for cultural institutions to engage with their audience and ask from the beginning of our process: why should the audience care?

Ticketing Systems

We provide customised ticketing integrations that interface with your existing infrastructure. This new model allows festivals and art organisations to greatly improve their customers experience and develops new tools for administrators to connect with and understand their audience.

Some of these features include: passwordless authentication, digital ticketing, resale workflows, high-traffic sales optimisation, and customised data analytics.

Ticket blaster: Museum ticketing in the year 2000

Digital Platforms

The online platform is a fundamental element of how audiences engage with the program, content and vision of a festival. Our previous experience in working with large-scale festivals allows us to create a comprehensive digital platform that combines programming, ticketing and festival information with interactive maps and unique online engagement opportunities.

Come into my web: Building a Progressive Web App for Dark Mofo

Curatorial Programming

Our curatorial approach focuses on new formats and models for the collaboration, creation and dissemination of artistic work. We seek to engage with virtual forms of creative expression and investigate contemporary movements and ethics around technology.


Facilitating Artists

Within the ever changing landscape of technological tools, Exhibitionist aims to facilitate digital production for artists. Pairing expertise with concept, the collective takes a collaborative approach to conceiving or adapting work between artists, developers and digital practitioners.

Artist Workshops

Meta Objects Motion Capture Workshop

Omar is a Digital Engineer whose work focuses on performance, scalability and sustainability. His unique approach has led him to develop a variety of arts focused platforms and tools. He has experience engineering (and reengineering) museum and festival infrastructure from the ground up, and is driven to create modern user experiences and ultra-functional user interfaces.

He has worked with varied clients in the arts, government, and advertising world... the Museum of Old and New Art, Ambulance Victoria, Angel Olsen, Mazda, Mona Foma, and Dark Mofo to name a few.

Mat is a Creative Producer and New Media Curator with a portfolio of contemporary Australian and Asian programs. His work focuses on multidisciplinary digital art practices from the Asia Pacific region and he worked with many distinguished artists in this field, including Lu Yang, Howie Lee, 33EMYBW, Rui Ho, Gabber Modus Operandi and more.

By presenting work that integrates new digital media (motion capture, VR, game engine environments), Mat’s practice highlights new modes of expressions for the 21st century, builds new audiences for contemporary art, and brings together diverse communities who identify with Asian, Australian, and intersectional cultures. He has curated and produced numerous events, workshops and performances for leading cultural organisations and festivals including AsiaTOPA, Liquid Architecture, University of Melbourne, Goethe Institute, ACCA, 4A Contemporary Centre for Asian Art, Arts House and many others.