Exhibitionist has built RISING festival's digital platform since its inception in 2020. Working closely with both the brand and ticketing team, our aim is to bring the curatorial vision of the festival to life, providing a smooth and engaging user experience for their diverse audience.

The site features a comprehensive program with interactive calendars and schedules powered by Tessitura, customised event favouriting, filtering functionality, interactive mapping, live-streaming and ecommerce solutions.

As we develop the site yearly it grows and iterates. We work closely and collaboratively with the RISING team and local digital designer Melanie Huang to continually improve the festival site, developing a robust architecture that reflects the evolving vision of the festival and organisation.

The site also features a digital ticketing system, Hypertickets, an Exhibitionist product we have developed that seamlessly integrates with their Tessitura API.


Originally slated for 2020, but delayed a year due to ongoing Covid lockdowns the first iteration of the Rising site was a collaboration with Australian design agency Maud. This years site featured full screen images, a scheduled demarcated by swim lanes, an interactive map and a precincts view for the different locations of the festival. This year also saw the development of a custom tessitura integration which featured bespoke checkout flows, ticket buying options and the first example of our Hypertickets product.


In 2022 the Exhibitionist team took over the full design work of the new site, partnering with our lead designer Melanie Huang. A complete web design refresh was developed incorporating a media rich program listings, UX improvements to navigation and event pages and a new ticketing UI to display the complexity of 2022's program.


Our working relationship with Rising continued to grow and iterate each year and in 2023 we embarked again on a further development refresh of the site, this time under the design direction of the Rising team. UI and UX improvements were incorporated from user feedback from previous years and further infrastructure and backend optimisations were deployed to improve overall experience of the site.

Shadow Spirit

This microsite features audio tours, educational resources, contact information and more to fully build out the context for the Shadow Spirit exhibition and provide an enduring archive of the artists involved and their work.


We are currently in development for our 4th year of the Rising website. As have been overseeing this system for such an extended period, 2024 will focus on developing future proof infrastructure and re-calibrating backend system to meet Rising changing needs and ambitions as a festival and organisation.

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