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Intern Operating System

The year is 2020. You are hired as an intern for Phoebe Bridgers' new record label, Saddest Factory. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

So was the brief for the development of Phoebe Bridgers' record label site - Saddest Factory. Based on the premise of being at work with Phoebe - the user is presented with an intern's desktop. Featuring folders like [Corporate Retreat Activations], [Morning Briefings], [Not Porn] and [Action Items], the site features regular pop-up messages from Phoebe Bridgers (demanding numbers, coffee, wrong number dials), plus NSFW messages and hidden easter eggs.

Developed in consultation with Phoebe, the label and of course - her interns. Exhibitionist designed and developed this site as both a functional website and piece of browser art in and of itself.

Released in 2021 it was met with glowing reviews online - with one twitter user saying '@phoebe_bridgers whoever designed this website deserves the world'

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