Exhibitionist is a creative development company that works with arts organisations and artists. We build things end to end, in collaboration, and within other teams. We stand by an ethos of 'small tech' - our focus is creating ethical, inventive digital platforms that help cultural institutions and artists thrive online.

Work Areas:

Custom Development

  • Custom digital platforms
  • Full-stack solutions: CMS, hosting, and APIs
  • Bespoke integrations
  • Front-end and back-end digital engineering
  • Venue management dashboards
  • Data analytics and website optimisation
  • Scalable and long-term web infrastructure
  • Support and ongoing maintenance
  • Regular testing and performance tuning

UX and Web Design

  • Co-Design workshops
  • Information Architecture
  • Brand application to web
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Accessibility and user experience
  • Interactions and UI mapping

Discovery and Strategy

  • Workshopping digital strategy
  • Data led research
  • Workflow and technical analysis
  • Milestones and benchmarking
  • Audience and user journey mapping

Tessitura Integrations

  • Hypertickets - Digital ticket delivery method
  • Custom / TNEW / Hybrid solutions
  • Custom Tessitura integrations with unique designs
  • Purchase pathway optimisation
  • Interactive calendars and Tessitura powered schedulesI
  • Improved ticketing UI
  • Select your own seat implementation
  • Customised member dashboards and experiences
  • Philanthropic enhancement
  • Queue implementation and improvements


Close Cultural Fit

  • Expertise in the arts sector, prioritizing accessibility, community focus, and open technology.
  • Specialised in collaborative practices for smooth integration and alignment with organisational goals.
  • Build lasting connections with organisations and their teams to promote ongoing development.
  • Committed to ethical, flexible cooperation for innovative solutions.

Ethical Technology

  • Emphasise ethical standards, exceptional performance, and a focus on uniqueness.
  • Pioneering alternative digital frameworks outside of big tech monopolies.
  • Customising tech stack to meet the unique needs of each partner, with a focus on inclusivity and a people-centred digital future.
  • Collaborating to create digital spaces that embody shared values and promote a thriving cultural ecosystem.

Dedicated Team

  • Dynamic, agile team committed to modern digital development, including engineering, design, and strategy.
  • Direct collaboration with client teams, moving away from traditional agency models.
  • Team structure allows for greater flexibility, reduced overheads, and enhanced value.


Exhibitionist is...