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Digital Platform

Exhibitionist recently completed the ambitious project to build a new website for the Powerhouse Museum. The brief was to create a digital platform responding to the museum’s s expansion and renewal.

In collaboration with renowned design agencies Linked by Air and Studio Ongarato, we undertook to reinvent the museum’s online presence. The Exhibitionist team built a multitude of modular components that could be used across the new site, enabling the visitor to curate their experience through content, time, stories, and programs.

  • 'Timeline' navigation system that represents the museum's history through an immersive experience.
  • Versatile programming pages, designed to accommodate an array of events including festivals, film screenings, exhibitions, and workshops.
  • Past, Present, Future programs - an archive and/or schedule of events, programs and exhibitions on at the Powerhouse.
  • Precinct map views - presenting the scale and expanse of the Powerhouse and 5 sites it operates.
  • Custom-built story pages, offering a rich tapestry of formats including photo galleries, video content, audio features, and diverse image collections.
  • Mega Nav - main menu take over, showcasing the scope of offerings at the Powerhouse.

Exhibitionist will continue to partner with the Powerhouse to evolve and develop the platform ahead of the establishment and opening of Powerhouse Parramatta one of the world’s most significant new museums.

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