Digital tickets + Delivery for Tessitura

Hypertickets are a modern way to distribute your museum and festival tickets.

We have created a digital ticketing system that is built on Tessitura. The system is designed to maximise user experience by utilising a streamlined email authentication process, which allows users to access multiple QR code tickets in one place without the need to scroll through emails or PDFs.

Working with your ticketing, front-of-house, and digital teams we can determine the best way to distribute and integrate Hypertickets into your brand and digital experience.

Hypertickets have been used as the default ticket distribution for Museum of Old and New Art, RISING, Dark Mofo and Mona Foma.

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing PDF tickets
  • Reprinted tickets are automatically updated - no need to send out another PDF
  • Resale options allow customers to resale/refund their tickets directly back to the Tessitura allocation
  • Fully customised design
  • Barcodes only available on the day of performance, which helps with scalping or other security issues
  • Tickets can be locked behind a user account login, or sent through an encrypted URL (much like airline tickets)
  • Can be easily integrated with any ticketing purchase pathway or Tessitura environment

Case Studies
  • Dark Mofo (2022—current)
  • Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) (2021—current)
  • RISING (2021—current)
  • Mona Foma (2022—current)
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